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Massage Therapy

Each massage session is tailored to your individual needs and goals every time you arrive; you will never receive a "routine" massage at Wellspring Bodywork!


A variety of modalities and techniques, may be used, including but not limited to: Swedish massage, myofascial release, reflexology, jin shin do, zero balancing, integrative bodywork, passive stretching and deep tissue techniques such as cross-fiber friction and trigger point therapy.


30 minutes - $35

45 minutes - $45

60 minutes - $60

90 minutes - $80



Prenatal Massage

A one hour session to support the changing needs of the mother-to-be, with an emphasis on comfortable positioning, relief of aches and pains, and helping to prepare for the 'sporting event of a lifetime', 60 minutes, $60.



Basic Reflexology

Works specific points on the feet to tone and support corresponding organs in the body, 30 minutes - $30. Reflexology plus: additional time to address areas of concern, 45 minutes, $42.



Sweet Feet

Invigorating foot scrub, hot steam towels and detailed work on the feet, 60 minutes, $55.



Zero Balancing

Bodywork that utilizes gentle stretching and holding of specific bones and joints to facilitate improved balance, decrease negative habitual holding patterns, and create a sense of ease and groundedness. Client is fully clothed, 30-45 minutes, $45.



Hot Stone Massage

A luxurious 90 minute massage using heated basalt stones to ease muscle pain and melt tension, 90 minutes, $90.



Sinus Soother Treatment

Ear candling followed by lymphatic drainage massage on the head, face and neck, using custom blended immune boosting essential oils, 45 minutes, $42.



Hand & Foot Treatment

Soothe parched skin and ease aching joints with a moisturizing heated hand and foot wrap. It's paraffin-free, chemical-free and contains no synthetic dyes or fragrances, $7 hands or feet, $12 for both.



Dry Brushing

Boost your immune system and liven up dull, dry skin with an invigorating full body dry brush, $15.



Ion Cleanse Foot Detox

Utilizes the process of electrolysis to remove free radicals from the body.  Users report decreased swelling, joint inflammation, stiffness and heaviness, as well as improved sleep and greater sense of well-being. See for yourself, 30 minutes, $30 or 10% off a pre-paid three-pack.



Spa Add On

Add aromatherapy and hot steam towels to any service, $7.


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